Victoria Park

Widely renowned as the United Kingdom’s favourite park, Victoria Park had far exceeded the pragmatic expectations that led to its initial development. The early Victorian era London government noticed a higher mortality rate in London’s East End due to pollution, unsanitary conditions and overcrowding. Their proposed solution for saving thousands of lives annually: a park. Further petitions finally made Victoria Park a reality.

With the Industrial Revolution decades before its construction deteriorating conditions, Victoria Park was a pioneer of its time. It was the first park specifically built for the betterment of the surrounding residents, and also constructed to meet the needs of the surrounding community. In fact, even before the park was fully complete, inhabitants of the area had already begun utilising the 86 hectare space.

This popularity never waned, and Victoria Park receives 9 million visits annually. Furthermore, not only did the park win Green Flag and Green Heritage awards from 2010 – 2015, it even won out as United Kingdom’s favourite park in 2015.

For visitors, the park features large concentrations of waterfowl in their water fountain, providing a beautiful scenic backdrop. Couples should also visit the Chinese pagoda, where it appears one tradition is to write their names onto its red beams. While it is not damaging public property is nothing we would recommend, do see its beauty. A skate park and playgrounds are other features for those travelling with children or teenagers.

To visit Victoria Park, travel to the Mile End Station via the Central, District, or Hammersmith & City Lines.