Royal Observatory Greenwich

Founded through the joint efforts of King Charles II and his Royal Commission on Astronomy, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich shaped the world’s understanding of astronomy, time, and navigation for years to come. Yet, it is also best known for its status as the source of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and Meridian Line (0° longitudes), upon which all time zones are measured.

Today it features instruments and tools remounted in their original locations providing an overview of the astronomical sciences in the 18th and 19th centuries.

When you visit, you can check out the Merdian Courtyard, where you can stand on the Meridian Line, with one foot in each hemisphere. However, this is a paid section of the Royal Observatory; if you are not interested in the “different hemisphere” photo, you can see much of the Courtyard from outside its gate. Financially-conscious guests can also check relevant cost details here.

Furthermore, technical errors at the establishment of the Meridian Line means that the actual 0° longitude Merdian Line is about 300 feet east of the Meridian Courtyard, so feel free to take out your phone’s GPS, and take a second picture of the actual Meridian Line.

Visitors can reach Royal Observatory, Greenwich from the Cutty Sark station via Docklands Light Rail (DLR). Those visiting during the weekends should also take the opportunity to see the Greenwich Market.

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