London Transport Museum

Growing significantly since its 1920s collection of two Victorian Horse buses and an early motorbus preserved for future generations, the London Transport Museum now houses 450,000 items detailing the evolution of transportation in London over the past two centuries.

Galleries within the London Transport Museum are themed to look at various issues in London’s history. As the first industrial city in the world, London was the world’s first in many mechanical transportations, including the world’s first Underground transportation and pioneering Tube technology. Other subjects include the Victorian era, wartime, and futuristic methods of transportation.

Besides interesting tidbits (did you know that 300,000 horses were needed to keep London on the move before 1900?) in the museum itself, remember to check out the Museum Depot as well if possible. In the depot, there are 370,000 objects collected, including rare road and rail vehicles over 100 years old, bus and rail sheds, signs, ceramic tiles, ephemera, ticket machines, and more. Nearby attractions tourists should check out include the Covent Garden, and Royal Opera House next door, and the London Film Museum.

Visitors to the London Transport Museum should alight at Covent Garden Station via Piccadilly Lines.

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