Portobello Road Market

Until the 1940s, the Portobello Road Market was much like London’s other markets, with their emphasis on daily essentials. Yet, it changed in the 1940s with an increase of merchants selling antiques and collectables. This has become the market’s new focus, with antiques being the biggest draw on its weekly Saturday trading days.

The market is divided into five sections, plus a separate food and takeaway area. The second-hand goods are based in the Golborne Road to Westway area, with vintage bags and coats being items that deserve a second of your time. For the famous Portobello Road Market antiquing experience, head to the area from Elgin Crescent to Chepstow Villas. There, you would find items dating from thousands of years to decades old, with silverware and jewellery being the greatest attractions.

Now, while it is true that the market is open all days of the week, most merchants are only around on Saturdays. When visiting on Saturdays, you should arrive before 11:30 to avoid large crowds. With its focus on a shopping and browsing experience, the Portobello Road Market’s food area here is also fairly small compared to other markets. Hence, a good idea would be to come early and leave for lunch as the crowds arrive. Lastly, remember to bring plenty of cash if you intend to shop here as some of the vendors may not take credit card.

Although there are no tube stations in the Portobello Road Market’s direct vicinity, there are two stations within a 10-minute walk. The closer option (4-minute option) is Ladbroke Grove Station on the Underground, which you can reach via the Circle Line and Hammersmith & City Line. The other option is Notting Hill Gate Station via the Central Line, Circle and District Line with a 10-minute walk.

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