Syon Park Garden

With 600 years of gardening history and over 50 hectares of land, Syon Park has a rich historic background. The landscape was originally shaped in the 18th century and features two oak trees that have been standing there since 1642, the time of the Battle of Brentford. There is an entire collection of trees around the park, Eastern North American tree species as well as Asian species, twenty of which are the largest in the country.

As well as trees, the park has large areas of grassland and meadows to explore and relax in. Some are purposefully reserved to serve as habitat conservation for insects, small animals and birds as London is a very urbanised.

You can access the park from the Syon Lane station, access is ticketed, and the price includes access to the Syon Gardens, Syon House, which is currently the London home of The Duke of Northumberland and the great conservatory.

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Syon Park
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