Pubs and Bars

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    The Harp

    The gastro-pubs’ culinary culture has increasingly become popular throughout London, but the Harp harkens back to the time of traditional British ale. Hand pumps abound with traditional favourites such as Ciders and Perries galore. Pubs started out as purely drinking establishments, and the Harp’s emphasis on British alcoholic classics makes it’s best choice.


    CASK Pub and Kitchen

    A favourite among tourists and locals alike, CASK Pub and Kitchen is a leading example of London’s gastropubs. While their Sunday Roasts are definitely popular, it is their huge variety of burgers that are the greatest draw. While it is perhaps not the best food for the health conscious, sometimes a burger made exactly to your liking with a nice beer is simply heaven.


    The Gladstone Arms

    When a pub has sufficient draw for a movement to start around its preservation, it proves itself a true institution within its community — and that is exactly what happened for the Gladstone! Having briefly closed down at the end of October 2016, the pub has recently reopened. Once played host to famous artists such as Ellie Goulding in the early stages of their musical careers, The Gladstone remains a favourite among locals with its locally sourced ingredients in everything from meats to drinks!


    Lord Nelson

    Lord Nelson proves to all guests that one does not have to restrict yourself to one specialty; you can attempt to do all, and with enough heart, do each amazingly well. From their atmosphere to their decor, from their beer to their burgers, each thing Lord Nelson provides is done to the best of their ability. Still, as a list of top 10 pubs, it is difficult to justify putting a pub/bar/restaurant mix into the top 3.


    Boro Bistro

    Boro Bistro is leading proof that pubs need not serve British food to enjoy great fame. Serving various European and craft beers with live music, Boro Bistro’s “pub” street cred cannot be denied. Have a beer alongside your cheeses and charcuterie platters, and other wonderful foods made with ingredients sourced from Borough Market.


    Boisdale of Belgravia

    The Boisdale of Belgravia keeps the atmosphere light and fun by presenting live jazz music every single night. The food menu is decadent enough filled with delectable modern British dishes, but what really steals the show is their extensive whisky and cigar list. Head on over to this ritzy establishment and enjoy your evening on the cigar terrace with a tumbler of whisky in one hand and a nice smoking cigar in another.


    Ye Olde Mitre Inn

    Being a witness to many historic events nearby because of its location in a historic part of London, it still stands as a trusty pub. It is an establishment that is proudly chips-free, instead offering many other distinct pub snacks such as lovely toasted sandwiches and classic scotch eggs. Although historic, the variety available on tap is a not as extensive as other newer pubs.


    The Greenwich Union

    Still very young compared to other contenders on the list, the Greenwich Union is a pub with an extensive list of all things beer, from the local to the imported, from draft to bottled. And of course, the pub serves up amazing brews from their own brewery; but in the meantime, being focused on brews doesn’t mean they missed out on food! This pub does a mean Sunday roast and is a sure must-try.


    Fox and Anchor

    Complete with lavishly decorated bedrooms available for booking upstairs, the Fox and Anchor offers a unique pub experience. The pub’s twist on the traditional full English, “The City Boy breakfast”, is generously portioned. More importantly, it comes with a pint of Guinness, ensuring its status as the ultimate power breakfast to start your day in the city. More gastronomically focused, the pub lands #9 on our list.


    The Crobar

    Situated just at the edge of Soho, the Crobar draws a unique crowd with its heavy metal music. You’re sure to rub shoulders here as space is limited. But you should definitely visit for a truly unique experience. Still, since heavy metal is not for everyone, Crobar only gets the #10 spot on our list.