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    British Museum

    Drawing annual crowds of 6 million, the British Museum and its massive collection provide themed tours, talks, and exhibitions with topics covering the globe. This makes the British Museum the top museum to visit not only in London but also the world.



    The National Gallery features more than 1000 paintings, including masterpieces from the Renaissance, Impressionist Movement, and more. Yet, it is the availability of a 60-minute tour that covers the cream of the collection that ensures the National Gallery is a must-see for art fans in London.


    Victoria and Albert Museum

    Most museums, particularly those featuring art, offers tours of their permanent collection, but the Victoria and Albert Museum goes above and beyond! Besides their special exhibitions, they also have interactive components such as workshops and classes.



    Regardless of justification or morality, wars remain a source of tragedy and remembrance. The galleries featuring the World Wars and the Holocaust always leaves one with a sombre feeling, but it is one all should experience, lest historical mistakes are repeated.


    Natural History Museum London

    One of the defining characteristics of the Natural Museum is the space it has, allowing for huge specimens to be displayed, like the giant squid discussed earlier as well as the skeleton of a whale. Displays of this magnitude are rare and showcase London’s history as one of the premier scientific centres of the world.


    Churchill War Rooms

    Stepping into a site of history is always astounding, and here at the Churchill War Rooms, you can actually walk on the very ground where the man himself worked and sometimes resided. From war cabinet meeting notes to war maps, you can experience the life of Churchill for yourself as everything remains exactly as it was left on the day the lights were switched off in 1945


    National Portrait Gallery

    When a museum is a nightlife option, you can see why London is always thought to be a city of high culture. Every Thursday and Friday night, the National Portrait Gallery runs interactive activities, from drawing workshops to lectures, from discussions to live entertainment. The best part? You can even enjoy a drink at the Late Shift Bar afterwards. Why stand on the shoulder of giants when you can have a beer with them instead?


    Tate Modern

    From exhibits dating back from 1900 to features on the present day, Tate Modern is dedicated to international art, both modern and contemporary. Disregarding the age of works is perhaps the gallery’s greatest accomplishments, choosing instead to focus on themes and subjects of modern art, ensuring its ‘can’t miss’ status for art fans.


    Wellcome Collection

    Having recently doubled in size to cater for growing numbers of visitors, the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition space is perhaps its greatest draw. The Medicine Now exhibit with its focus on the body, genomes, obesity and living with medical science, and Medicine Man, a cross section display of interesting objects from Sir Henry’s personal collection are among the most popular within the permanent exhibits.


    Science Museum

    Unlike its other museum counterparts in London, the Science Museum is one that emphasises an experience for the family. Interactive experiences like the WonderLab provides hands-on experiences and tours for children 7 and up, with exhibits including full-sized steam engines, the evolution of technology, and an IMAX 3D Experience with views from the International Space Station. However, when compared to some of London’s other museums, the Science Museum is not as ‘uniquely London’ as the others. Still, its children-friendliness and interactiveness more than justify its inclusion in the Top 10 Museums in London.