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    Borough Market

    Borough Market is the perfect venue for you if you are interested in London’s market or foodie scene. Regardless of whether you are just looking to try some of London’s market food, bring some non-perishable options home, or even just to hang out, the Borough Market should be top on your list of munching spots!


    Camden Market

    Initially a simple backyard of Dingwalls only open on Sundays, Camden Market has since grown so much that it is now the largest market in London, open seven days a week. Some drop by, pick up some street food and browse through the crafts and most importantly, get some Artisan Gin at the nearby distillery for a stereotypically British experience.


    Brick Lane Market

    London is one of the most diverse cities in the world abounding with immigrant culture, and its benefit is perhaps best showcased by the Brick Lane Markets. Once home to slums, Jewish and Bangladeshi immigration has instead made art and curries the market and nearby Shoreditch’s greatest selling point.


    Portobello Road Market

    There are essentially two types of items that make Portobello Road Market a marvellous shopping and sightseeing destination: second-hand goods at great value for the shoppers and jewellery for the sightseers (and wealthy shoppers). Vintage bags and coats abound from Golborne Road to Westway area, but for the famous Portobello Road Market antiquing experience, head to the area from Elgin Crescent to Chepstow Villas. There, you would find items dating from hundreds of years to decades old, with silverware and jewellery being the greatest attractions. Where else in London can you bring home a piece of history?


    Old Spitalfield Markets

    Built in 1876, the Old Spitalfields Market primarily sells quirky fashion items and handmade accessories, serving as the hub for London’s hipster scene.


    Maltby Street Market

    Travellers often do not have access to kitchens where they can prepare uncooked ingredients, which makes Maltby Street Market and their cooked-food only rule on vendors perfect! So drop in for their craft beer stalls, wine wholesalers, tea specialists, cheese stalls, and coffee shops! For those who are honestly uninterested in food products, they do have some handmade crafts although these are few and far in-between.


    Greenwich Market

    Visitors to London have often found Greenwich Market one of the best options in London when it comes to finding gifts for loved ones and thrift vintage clothing. Stores in the market have a style very distinct from what you would find in chain clothing stores and the typical shopping destinations, making the market sure to satisfy shoppers with a quirky sense of style.


    Broadway Market

    Home to London’s hipster and alternative culture, lines of independent shops, restaurants, cafes, and even stalls that sell fresh produce await you at the Broadway Market. The market’s ambience gathers fans of the quirky East London fashion style and is ideal for any visitors that want to experience the East London subculture.


    Southbank Centre Market

    Visitors to the market will find more than 40 food stalls selling a wide variety of cuisines. And the book market features a great selection of second-hand books ranging from the classics to popular graphic novels.


    Columbia Road Flower Market

    When you enter the market, you would immediately notice the established market vendors shouting quirky comments into the crowds to attract attention to their stalls. The beauty of this place is the buzz of the atmosphere, the scents and scenes of the flowers, and the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It is also unique, being the only flower market of its kind in London.