• Overview

    Every year in the months of February and March, the six strongest rugby union teams in the northern hemisphere rally to compete in the 6 Nations Championship.

    Originally a competition between the ‘home nations’, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, its name today stems from the inclusion of France and Italy. The cup is played across all six countries, and each of the teams will play the other nations only once.  Because of this, nations take turns hosting each other for their annual game.

    The highest scoring team on the table will win the Championship Trophy. If one of the home nations wins all three of its matches against the other home nations, it will win the Triple Crown Trophy. And while there is no actual physical trophy for it, the team finishing lowest on the table is said to have won ‘The Wooden Spoon’.

    England emerged as one of the strongest teams in the new, 6 Nation format. To catch one of their games in Twickenham Stadium check here for the upcoming fixtures.

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