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    Regency Café

    367 reviews on Yelp

    Situated on its namesake Regency Street, Regency Café is a no-frills American-diner style English cafe famous for their English breakfast, coffee, tea, and brunches.

    17-19 Regency Street

    Behind Our Choice

    As a fairly inexpensive cafe that serves an amazing English breakfast, Regency Café is one of the best options for budget travellers and other tourists alike! It provides an incredible value for its money and is popular among locals, providing all visitors with a truly immersive British experience. Daniel Craig fans would also be happy to know that the cafe was one of the settings in the movie Layer Cake!

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    60 reviews on Yelp

    One of three Barrafina venues in London known for their splendid Spanish cuisine, the Barrafina on Adelaide Street is the most popular venue among the group, offering an authethic Spanish bar and tapas experience in the heart of London.

    10 Adelaide Street

    Behind Our Choice

    The Barrafina name is highly regarded among the restaurants in London, and the branch in Adelaide is simply the best of the best. Upscale and trendy, the restaurant retains traditional Spanish flavours, earning its #2 spot on this list with their signature fried lamb’s brain.

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