Covent Garden Markets

Boasting a history that can be traced back to 1654, Covent Garden is home to three markets, the Apple Market, East Colonnade Market and the Jubilee Market Hall. Housed within the Covent Garden Market Building, the Apple Market offers an array of stalls that mostly specialise in handmade goods, which include unique soaps, jewellery and antiques. The East Colonnade is situated on the opposite end of the market building to Apple Market and often spills out to the outside of the building. Traders there often display their goods on barrows.

Outside of the Market building but still on the Covent Garden Piazza, is the Jubilee Market. It is the only market in London with full ownership by traders. The goods in the market vary throughout the week and go by a thematic schedule so do plan ahead if you have a particular penchant. While it is known that the price ranges in the area are higher than that of other markets, these markets are recognised for the quality and aesthetics of the merchandise found there.

Visitors can head to nearby Soho for a bite to eat when they’ve exhausted themselves with browsing all of the unique goods available. Or for more sightseeing fun, head south to Trafalgar Squar for the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery.

To get there, travel to Covent Garden Station via the Piccadilly line on the Tube.